New Year & New Thoughts

Towards the end of 2017 I was fortunate enough to celebrate the release of my book Cookies For Dinner. [Which you can find for sale on Amazon]

I really cannot properly relay how much it has meant to me to be able to release a book and although the process is tumultuous, I have few words to explain the gratitude that self-publishing exists. It is a route that is hard and most definitely not for everyone, but I feel very luck that we live in a time where a wishful author can put their words down and then watch them go through the metamorphosis from type to a physical book that will end up in the hands of a reader.

I was the kid who practically went blind while reading by the night light for hours after my parents went to bed and I am the girl who finds the intoxicating smell of books to be sweeter than a garden of roses. I have always had that bucket list goal of publishing something in my lifetime and I always thought my first book would be some sort of novel, but then becoming a parent changed that for me.

Some of the most meaningful words I have read have been to my children as I tuck them into their beds. I started to really think about quotes that people come back to again and again, and so many times they are from children's stories and from children's authors. I think the reason for this is that not only are these quotes tied to nostalgia for people, but also because so much of children's literature is rooted in basic human nature and lifelong lessons. In simplicity lies truth, and truth is what resonates with people.

I wanted to create that feeling for someone, and I wanted to create a piece of childhood nostalgia that someone could carry with them until they are old and wrinkled and maybe they would even gift that lesson and that feeling to a new generation. So I sat and the words poured out and I created a small children's book that I hope will inspire that feeling and a small lesson for even the big people reading it.

In the end my lesson was that it takes courage to make the jump and to commit to a process like this, but the big payout is that you can stand back and look from the top after you are done and realize that not only have you brought one of your life's goals to a climax, but your doing so might inspire someone else to tackle theirs.

Don't wait for tomorrow, go tackle yours today.


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